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20 years of experience

USP Transport company was founded on 1st April 1994 by Ryszard Olszewski.

Our fleet includes 40 sets of refrigerated trucks equipped with Mercedes brand vehicles.

All vehicles undergo monitoring and are equipped with freezer open/close sensors along with online solutions for controlling the temperature of the transported cargo.

We hold ADR licenses.

All vehicles are equipped with additional security measures applied for the cargo space and door opening alarms.

We belong to the British carrier protection program.

Our main directions of transport include Great Britain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden.

Besides refrigerated trailers, we also offer 5 XL curtain-side trailers.

USP Transport company has its own workshops and gas station.

All vehicles are maintained and serviced at ASO Mercedes Benz in both Poland and abroad.

The company employs Drivers and Freight Forwarders that indicate long-term professional seniority. Thus, the Drivers are experienced in conducting national and international transports. Most of them have been working at USP from the very beginning.

In 2000, we were recognized at the 6th position at the ranking organized by Gazeta Transportowa according to the dynamics of revenue among small companies. Nowadays, due to the number of employees and high turnover, we are classified as a medium-sized company.

In 2004, the editorial team from "Puls Biznesu" economic daily recognized us with the prestigious ?Business Gazelles 2003? award for companies that achieve excellent financial results, continue their dynamic development and remain reliable business partners.

Why work with us?

  • Punctuality

    Our priority is to ensure transport to the indicated place in

    accordance with the specified time limit.

  • Global range

    Our company?sscope of activities includes Western Europe,

    Scandinavia and Great Britain.

  • Modern fleet

    Our fleet consists of modern Mercedes vehicles that

    comply with all EU requirements.

  • Quality standards


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